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The covers and tracklists for V6’s new single, GUILTY, are up!


   1. GUILTY
   2. 逢いたくて
   3. Medecine
   4. 蜃気楼
   5. GUILTY(Instrumental)
   6. 逢いたくて(Instrumental)
   7. Medecine(Instrumental)
   8. 蜃気楼(Instrumental)



GUILTY Limited A-CD-
   1. GUILTY
   2. 逢いたくて

   1. GUILTY【Music Video Long Edit Ver.】
   2. スピリット【Live Version:from “20th Century LIVE TOUR 2009 HONEY HONEY HONEY”】


GUILTY Limited B-CD-
   1. GUILTY
   2. 逢いたくて

   1. スタートライン/20th Century【from “20th Century Special Unplugged Live”】
   2. Hello-Goodbye/Coming Century【from “Coming Century TOUR WARM UP GIG!”】


Now this was my first V6 single and it was definitely a factor in bringing me into the fandom of the group. The video is taken down like everywhere so we can enjoy this live performance. Now I don’t know my V6 members so I can’t give you a member by member analysis of the performance although I would like to. My favorite part of the song is the pure instrumental section and that’s true here too because that is some great dancing.

Okay…never mind, I found the PV on imeem so let’s take a little PV review!!!

I love the opening shots of the butterfly flying because the background. As for the rest of the video, it’s very cool and sensual, which will definitely make all the fans go wild. The dancing was awesome and everyone looked great. It actually made me think that V6 is more attractive than I remember. I mean, I knew that Ken was already but there are some other cuties there as well. So what was the problem with this video? The girl. She’s not even that pretty so there is no real point in having her there. She’s not particularly impressive at dancing either so that’s another miss. Plus she interrupted the scene of the pure instrumental section dancing. Bitch…jk.

Otherwise though, a good PV and the scenes with the cool lighting made everything look magical. So I guess there’s no wonder why I included “chou” in the title of the blog.

The covers and tracklists for V6’s new single, Spirit, are out and get ready!

Regular Edition

【CD 収録内容】

   1. スピリット
      (早稲田アカデミー CMソング/CX系「東京Vシュラン2」エンディングテーマ)
   2. CHANCE!
      (TBS 「クマグス」エンディングテーマ)
   3. 明日の傘
   4. どうかよろしく。
   5. スピリット(Karaoke)
   6. CHANCE!(Karaoke)
   7. 明日の傘(Karaoke)
   8. どうかよろしく。(Karaoke)

Limited CD+DVD

【CD 収録内容】

   1. スピリット
      (早稲田アカデミー CMソング/CX系「東京Vシュラン2」エンディングテーマ)
   2. CHANCE!
      (TBS 「クマグス」エンディングテーマ)

【DVD 収録内容】

    * スピリット(Music Video Full Version)

Limited 2CD

【CD 収録曲】

   1. スピリット
      (早稲田アカデミー CMソング/CX系「東京Vシュラン2」エンディングテーマ)
   2. CHANCE!
      (TBS 「クマグス」エンディングテーマ)


   1. スタートライン【song by 大橋卓弥 from スキマスイッチ】/20th Century
   2. Desert Eagle【song by Spontania】/Coming Century
   3. red【song by アンダーグラフ】/20th Century
   4. Are you ready tonight?【song by Shigeo from SBK/The SAMOS】/Coming Century

So that’s a lot of songs…I always like that V6 provides many songs for us to enjoy. It makes the long wait between this single and their last single a little nicer. If they choose to stick Hey! Say! JUMP with another single instead of an album, I expect this kind of format…


Well the releases for June are coming to a close so that will be about half the year. Of course, there’s still time to announce something for Hey! Say! JUMP (hint hint…). But here is a little comparison between last year and this year so far so we can just look at how Johnny’s is done.


[02.06.08] LIPS [KAT-TUN]

[02.20.08] Step and Go [Arashi]

[02.20.08] sugar [TOKIO]

[02.27.08] Taiyou no Namida [NEWS]

[03.05.08] Sono Mama / White Message [SMAP]

[03.12.08] Wahaha [Kanjani8]

[04.23.08] Dream “A” live [Arashi]

[05.08.08] SUMMER TIME [NEWS]

[05.14.08] DON’T U EVER STOP [KAT-TUN]

[05.21.08] Dreams come true [Hey! Say! JUMP]

[05.28.08] Chou [V6]

[06.04.08] Koi Uta -Koi Uta- / PROGRESS [Tackey & Tsubasa]

[06.04.08] Queen of the Pirates [KAT-TUN]

[06.18.08] Ai Ai Gasa [Tegomasu]

[06.25.08] One Love [Arashi]

[07.23.08] Your Seed / Bouken Rider [Hey! Say! JUMP]

[08.13.08] Kono Toki, Kitto Yume Jya Nai [SMAP]

[08.20.08] truth / Kaze no Mukou e [Arashi]

[08.27.08] Secret Code [Kinki Kids]

[09.03.08] Amegasa / Akireruai Bokura wa Negaou [TOKIO]

[09.17.08] LIGHT IN YOUR HEART / Swing! [V6]

[09.24.08] super.modern.artistic.performance [SMAP]

[10.01.08] Happy Birthday [NEWS]

[10.22.08] Mayonaka no Shadow Boy [Hey! Say! JUMP]

[10.29.08] Musekinin Hero [Kanjani8]

[11.05.08] Beautiful days [Arashi]

[11.19.08] color [NEWS]

[12.03.08] White X’mas [KAT-TUN]



-24 Singles [13 of which released between January and June]

– 5 Albums [3 of which released between January and June]



[01.28.09] Yakusoku [Kinki Kids]

[02.11.09] ONE DROP [KAT-TUN]

[03.04.09] Believe / Kumori Nochi, Naisei [Arashi]

[03.11.09] RESCUE [KAT-TUN]

[04.15.09] Puzzle [Kanjani8]

[04.29.09] Koi no ABO [NEWS]

[04.29.09] Break the Records: by you & for you [KAT-TUN]

[06.17.09] Spirit [V6]



– 6 Singles

– 2 Albums

I’m hoping they step it up in the second year because I need more releases from them. Hey! Say! JUMP especially. And some even better songs would be nice too, I was more impressed last year…