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So it’s been a little quiet around here but here’s some news for all you SMAP fans!! Kimura Takuya will be starring in Space Battleship Yamato!! Credits to Never Ending Music Power (seca) for providing the news!! That’s exciting for him!

Speaking of SMAP, their newest single will be entitled Sono Kyuuto / Superstar [insert star here]. Finally a release for these guys!!



So yeah, SMAP will be releasing a new single entitled Sotto Kyuuto on 08.26.09! Excluding those un-necessary re-releases, this is going to be their first single of the year so everyone get excited!! SMAP hasn’t done anything in a while so I’m hoping this means Johnny is ready to let some others take the spotlight and Hey! Say! JUMP will release something in September…

Taken from their official website

SMAP 8月26日 ニューシングル発売決定!

SMAPの新曲「そっと きゅっと」が、草なぎ剛主演ドラマ「任侠ヘルパー」(7月9日スタート木曜22時)主題歌に決定。

「そっと きゅっと」


Well the releases for June are coming to a close so that will be about half the year. Of course, there’s still time to announce something for Hey! Say! JUMP (hint hint…). But here is a little comparison between last year and this year so far so we can just look at how Johnny’s is done.


[02.06.08] LIPS [KAT-TUN]

[02.20.08] Step and Go [Arashi]

[02.20.08] sugar [TOKIO]

[02.27.08] Taiyou no Namida [NEWS]

[03.05.08] Sono Mama / White Message [SMAP]

[03.12.08] Wahaha [Kanjani8]

[04.23.08] Dream “A” live [Arashi]

[05.08.08] SUMMER TIME [NEWS]

[05.14.08] DON’T U EVER STOP [KAT-TUN]

[05.21.08] Dreams come true [Hey! Say! JUMP]

[05.28.08] Chou [V6]

[06.04.08] Koi Uta -Koi Uta- / PROGRESS [Tackey & Tsubasa]

[06.04.08] Queen of the Pirates [KAT-TUN]

[06.18.08] Ai Ai Gasa [Tegomasu]

[06.25.08] One Love [Arashi]

[07.23.08] Your Seed / Bouken Rider [Hey! Say! JUMP]

[08.13.08] Kono Toki, Kitto Yume Jya Nai [SMAP]

[08.20.08] truth / Kaze no Mukou e [Arashi]

[08.27.08] Secret Code [Kinki Kids]

[09.03.08] Amegasa / Akireruai Bokura wa Negaou [TOKIO]

[09.17.08] LIGHT IN YOUR HEART / Swing! [V6]

[09.24.08] super.modern.artistic.performance [SMAP]

[10.01.08] Happy Birthday [NEWS]

[10.22.08] Mayonaka no Shadow Boy [Hey! Say! JUMP]

[10.29.08] Musekinin Hero [Kanjani8]

[11.05.08] Beautiful days [Arashi]

[11.19.08] color [NEWS]

[12.03.08] White X’mas [KAT-TUN]



-24 Singles [13 of which released between January and June]

– 5 Albums [3 of which released between January and June]



[01.28.09] Yakusoku [Kinki Kids]

[02.11.09] ONE DROP [KAT-TUN]

[03.04.09] Believe / Kumori Nochi, Naisei [Arashi]

[03.11.09] RESCUE [KAT-TUN]

[04.15.09] Puzzle [Kanjani8]

[04.29.09] Koi no ABO [NEWS]

[04.29.09] Break the Records: by you & for you [KAT-TUN]

[06.17.09] Spirit [V6]



– 6 Singles

– 2 Albums

I’m hoping they step it up in the second year because I need more releases from them. Hey! Say! JUMP especially. And some even better songs would be nice too, I was more impressed last year…