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Kitayama 3

So credits to seca at Never Ending Music Power for the heads-up!!! Apparently a CD of Playzone 2009 will be released on August 26th so be sure to support some of yuor favorite Juniors that haven’t had a CD release until now (as in Kis-My-Ft2). Here is the tracklist!

01 予感

02 Tell Me Why

03 ケータイ天国

04 若者よ何処へ行く

05 僕に出来ること

06 大人になったら

07 幕を開けろ!

08 僕を夢とともに

09 オ・シャ・レ

10 声を合わせたら

11 すべての夜が

12 希望の海へ(inst)

13 ベール・キュント(inst)

14 3ピース

15 Hair

Great news…although what about Hey! Say! JUMP?…