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Credits to HSJReality for uploading this awesome video!! I’m sorry to post this late but Shintaro’s birthday still awesome and I love him lots!!


So, Nakayama Yuma with B.I. Shadow went on Music Station to perform the new single and here’s what I got out of it. Nakayama Yuma and Morimoto Shintaro were singing…there were a buttload of backup dancers and oh yeah, B.I. Shadow was there too. Why do I say that? Well Shintaro got more of a spotlight thanthe other 4 boys, who didn’t get any solo lines…I’m not liking how the dyamics are playing out here…But then again, Koyama and Shige got squat when NEWS started off and now they’re having the duo tracks and a pretty equal participation in group songs.

As for the song itself, it’s a debut song and by Johnny’s law, is required to be a sweet happy poppy song. There’s a lotta English there but I guess it’s nice. Yuma got the whole spotlight and I have to admit that he was a good vocalist. He definitely held his own although it’s not like he was “OMG BEST SINGER EVER” like it feels like they’re making him out to be. Yuugo was okay. I mean he didn’t really stand out to me but he wasn’t bad either. He was kinda awkward on stage but he’s new so you can’t really blame him. I feel like he’ll develop well in the group. Damn…Hokuto was looking GOOD in this performance. His hair was HOT!! It’s kinda like Yamada, don’t you guys think?! Fuma and Kento are awesome as always and killed the dancing!!! Fuma was completely kawaii and Kento was cool!! They need to start putting these two at the front and give them some solo lines or I will be pissed…Shintaro got a lot of shine too and for good reason. He may be small but he’s got one heck of a voice! They should have put him in the group because he definitely has the chops to make it.

Okay…Nakayama Yuma is good but hey, Fuma and Kento are too!! I haven’t heard Hokuto and Yuugo on their own but I’m sure they’re good too!!! So if this is gonna work, there needs to be more love spread around in terms of solos. So…I’m hoping Yuugo blossoms and I’m sure he will. But I’d much rather have Misaki…he can sing and dance and fits in with the others so well. So if I had my way, Yuma would be out and Misaki would be in. Becuase honestly, if he’s going to get this much attetion, he might as well as just be a solo artist.

I’ve said it once but I’ll said it again. Misaki!!!! Come back to me!!!!!


Well I’m sure we all know that Morimoto Shintaro is one of the more famous Johnny’s Juniors. He may not be in a group like Kis-My-Ft2 or A.B.C.-Z. but he’s definitely going places. And he’s going even more places in the future! Credits to dilaChan at for the information.

Johnny’s Jr. member Shintaro Morimoto (11) has been given his first role in a movie. He will play the lead in Shochiku’s “Snow Prince: Kinjirareta Koi no Melody,” directed by Joji Matsuoka (“Tokyo Tower”).

The movie uses an original script by Kundo Koyama, who wrote the screenplay for the Academy Award-winning “Okuribito” (“Departures”). The story is set in a poor village during the early Showa era, and Morimoto plays a young boy who has lost both parents. The heroine is being played by Marino Kuwajima (11), while the rest of the cast includes Teruyuki Kagawa, Rei Dan, Maiko, Katsuo Nakamura, and Tadanobu Asano.

“Snow Prince” is scheduled to be released in December. So far, film distributors from 17 other countries have already sent offers, making it very likely that the picture will see a wide international release.

Shintaro is only eleven years old…he’s definitely getting more attention than his older brother. I hope that the music is a big success…I don’t know exactly what that will do for him in Japan but maybe the explosion in popularity will see him debut soon (although I think he might have to grow a couple more years before that happens).