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For all you TOKIO fans, the guys will be releasing a new single on 08.19.09. It’s currently untitled but the title track will be the theme song to “Kareinaru Spy.” It’s about time that this group gets a single!

So…this officially makes Hey! Say! JUMP the only debuted group not to release a single / album this year…I’m hoping since SMAP and TOKIO just got their first announcements, Hey! Say! JUMP will be releasing something in September but…



So apparently TOKIO will be re-releasing a crapload things on June 24th…personally, I don’t care at all and I don’t think many other people do either…whatever…nothing new has been announced so what’s the point of this?

Okay, so nobody cares about that but Tackey and Ryo will be starring in a drama together!! It’s called Orthros no Inu. Honestly, I don’t care that much about this either but I’m betting somebody will be getting a new single as the theme song (cough cough NEWS cough cough). It’ll probably be Tackey and I guess I could live with that since his new single was so good but I don’t want to have wait 100 years for something new from NEWS (like I have to do with a certain group…hint hint Johnny’s…)


Well the releases for June are coming to a close so that will be about half the year. Of course, there’s still time to announce something for Hey! Say! JUMP (hint hint…). But here is a little comparison between last year and this year so far so we can just look at how Johnny’s is done.


[02.06.08] LIPS [KAT-TUN]

[02.20.08] Step and Go [Arashi]

[02.20.08] sugar [TOKIO]

[02.27.08] Taiyou no Namida [NEWS]

[03.05.08] Sono Mama / White Message [SMAP]

[03.12.08] Wahaha [Kanjani8]

[04.23.08] Dream “A” live [Arashi]

[05.08.08] SUMMER TIME [NEWS]

[05.14.08] DON’T U EVER STOP [KAT-TUN]

[05.21.08] Dreams come true [Hey! Say! JUMP]

[05.28.08] Chou [V6]

[06.04.08] Koi Uta -Koi Uta- / PROGRESS [Tackey & Tsubasa]

[06.04.08] Queen of the Pirates [KAT-TUN]

[06.18.08] Ai Ai Gasa [Tegomasu]

[06.25.08] One Love [Arashi]

[07.23.08] Your Seed / Bouken Rider [Hey! Say! JUMP]

[08.13.08] Kono Toki, Kitto Yume Jya Nai [SMAP]

[08.20.08] truth / Kaze no Mukou e [Arashi]

[08.27.08] Secret Code [Kinki Kids]

[09.03.08] Amegasa / Akireruai Bokura wa Negaou [TOKIO]

[09.17.08] LIGHT IN YOUR HEART / Swing! [V6]

[09.24.08] super.modern.artistic.performance [SMAP]

[10.01.08] Happy Birthday [NEWS]

[10.22.08] Mayonaka no Shadow Boy [Hey! Say! JUMP]

[10.29.08] Musekinin Hero [Kanjani8]

[11.05.08] Beautiful days [Arashi]

[11.19.08] color [NEWS]

[12.03.08] White X’mas [KAT-TUN]



-24 Singles [13 of which released between January and June]

– 5 Albums [3 of which released between January and June]



[01.28.09] Yakusoku [Kinki Kids]

[02.11.09] ONE DROP [KAT-TUN]

[03.04.09] Believe / Kumori Nochi, Naisei [Arashi]

[03.11.09] RESCUE [KAT-TUN]

[04.15.09] Puzzle [Kanjani8]

[04.29.09] Koi no ABO [NEWS]

[04.29.09] Break the Records: by you & for you [KAT-TUN]

[06.17.09] Spirit [V6]



– 6 Singles

– 2 Albums

I’m hoping they step it up in the second year because I need more releases from them. Hey! Say! JUMP especially. And some even better songs would be nice too, I was more impressed last year…