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So instead I’ll let the video do the talking. Here is the kawaii new PV for their new single Tanabata Matsuri!



This post is a few hours late but I didn’t really know what to post. Actually, I’m not really sure what I’m posting as I write this message….so I guess I’m just gonna go with it!! Happy birthday Massu!!! You are totally one of my favorite people in JE and one of the first ones that I really noticed!! From day one, that cute smile and personality just drew me in and I’m proud to say that I’m still a Massu fan and will always be!! Do you love Massu? Well then it’s okay to celebrate it a little late!! Yay Massu!!

One of the best solo tracks in JE!!! Massu is sooo kawaii!! I hope you had a delicious pumpkin!!

Massu from back in the day!!

And a cute Massu ringtone for Taiyou no Namida!!!

Happy birthday Massu!! I may be late but my love is still in this post!!! Hurray!!


So apparently Massu will be starring in a play (butai) in November! The title is Ame no Hi no Mori no Naka (what a pretty title!!). How exciting for him!!! It’s not a drama role but…you know…at least he’s doing something…

Well this is a sort of random post because nothing is really happening. NEWS is awesome and they’ve done a few CMs in their day so let’s do a little comparison of two CM pictures!


Our first picture is quite a long time ago, promotion for the Russ-K CM. This is my favorite NEWS CM just because it was so cute to see them bopping and dancing to weeeeek. To start off things, Yamapi looks very intense in this picture. He’s like giving a death scare so it’s kind of scary. I love his outfit and the whole black outfit suits him very well. Definitely making him look good. I like his hair from the angle and the highlights look awesome. He actually looks a lot better in this picture than in the actual CM. And now we move to Tegoshi, otherwise known as the ero-prince. I don’t know where or when this nickname emerged but it’s no surprise how he got it. Just look at his face and tell me that it doesn’t melt you. He’s looking soooo sexy, it’s ridiculous. His ref jacket makes him stand out a lot from the other guys and he ist just nailing every angle. Sekushii!!! Aww, Koyama!! He just looks so happy and sweet…I’m sorry but I don’t know what else to say. Good picture Koyama! So to people who don’t think Shige is hot…just take a look at this picture. Okay…the hair looks strange only because of the angle (it looks a lot better in the actual CM) but he is looking fantastic…damn. OMG OMG OMG, Massu is adorable!!!! His face is just so sweet and I want to give him a big hug and go awww!!! His hair looks awesome and I love his blue jacket because it makes him stand out (just like Tegoshi). Kawaii!!!! Ryo looks confused but in a hot way. He also looks kinda pissed but I feel if he tired a more sexy pose then he would be killing all the fans.


And a more recent CM pic. First, that’s a weird pun but okay, let’s go with it. As usual, Massu takes first place in the kawaii contest. His smile is seriously infectious and he’s just the picture of cuteness. His hair looks great and his body is very nice in the all white. Ryo looks really uncaring but it’s somehow hot. He would look even better if he didn’t look so tired. Aww, take a nap Ryo-chan!! Why is Yamapi so frightening sometimes?? He has this habit of giving an intense stare that just makes you feel like…um…Koyama!!! I really like that he has his hand on his arm like that even if he looks a little off-balance and he’s kinda breaking the line they have going. That’s okay though. He looks cute. Once again, Shige looks sekushii and he’s bringing it hard. He has that smirk on his face like he’s just asking for it…and yes Shige, I can give it to you. I love how Tegoshi looks happier than everyone next to him. He’s smiling with his eyes as well as his lips. I love the blonde hair and his overall demeanor just draws my eyes.

1st Place: Massu
2nd Place: Tegoshi
3rd Place: Shige

So this has been a picture comparison of NEWS. OMG, Johnny’s announce something new!!! And by new I mean a single or album…don’t just give me tours…