Here is a performance of Arashi’s Everything! And here are some notes from me!!

– the weird dance moves at the beginning were…well…weird.
– What is up with everyone’s look? Ohno looks good, that much I can say. Sho and Nino’s hair…ouch…please grow it back out. Aiba’s hair as well…it just looks kinda weird with that color…Jun…I don’t even know. He looks kinda…scary. I know fangirls will kill me if they read this but…what’s going on? I never thought he was attractive but he looked a lot better before than he does now. And it’s not like he changed his hair style or something and that’s it. His face looks different. But maybe that’s just me?
– Okay…this performance had the one thing that the PV needed. Happy!! Like the dancing and the smiles on their faces were what the PV should have had…
– I think my favorite part was when each one turned around and then did a little dance before the third verse (second in this performance since the real second one was cut out)
– I still love this song like no other!!