Hey everyone!! Fuma is here to introduce you to Hokuto because I couldn’t find any good pictures of him (or like any for that matter).

Don’t you just love B.I. Shadow??!! I hope so because in tihs post, I’ll be introducing you to Matsumura Hokuto! He’s growing on me fast because he’s just such a cutie!! I got some information from crunchyroll and want to share it with all of you because I know you wanna know more about him!!

Name: Matsumura Hokuto (Hokku)
Birthday: June 18, 1995 [turning 14 this month]
Blood Type: B
Born In: Shizuoka Prefecture
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Shoe Size: 26.5
Stonrg Point: He’s Not Shy
Weak Point: His Voice Is Low [aww]
Hobby/Skill: Karate [he has a black belt!!!]
Food He Likes: Pasta
Food He Dislikes: Cucumbers
Colors He Likes: Black and White
Favorite Subjects: English and Japanese [OMG just like me!! It’s a perfect match!]
Disliked Subject: Math
Animal He Likes: Dogs [he can protect me from them]
Reason For Applying To JE: He admires NEWS and wanted to be like them
Admired Senpai: Yamapi