Yes!! The covers for Tegomasu’s new single are out! I can’t wait to get both editions of the single and I’m so ready to hear some new music from them!

So at our left, we have the regular version’s cover and in my opinion, the much better cover. Okay, the font is a little strange but I really like the picture. They look so cute in their white suits!! It looks like they’re going to a wedding or something and if you’re anything like me, you would totally want to marry one of these guys. I mean, come on, they are my two favorite members of NEWS…Tegoshi looks so angelic and Massu looks kinda confused but still in a really good way. So this is definitely my preferred version! And Massu’s hair is back to its usual cuteness!

And then we have the limited edition cover, which is not as good as the limited edition cover but nice nonetheless. I actually think it’s a nice picture but it’s just a little boring. Tegoshi looks pretty as always (yes, I said pretty. Don’t you guys think it’s a good adjective to describe Tegoshi?). His hair…well it could be worse but taking after Yamapi with his latest hairstyle is definitely not the way to go. But his smile looks cute and his eyes look very pretty. On ther other hand, I love that Massu went back to his hairstyle but his smile looks kinda off to me. It doesn’t look as natural as Tegoshi, which kinda sucks because for me, Massu is known for his winning smile. The title of the song goes a little un-noticed but the fnot works wel with the picture here. So it’s nice although not as good as the limited one.

Single Tracklist:

七夕祭り [Tanabata Matsuri]
はなむけ [Hanamuke] [Regular and Limited Edition]
僕らしく [Boku Rashiku] [Regular Edition]
終わらないで [Owaranaide] [Regular Edition]
七夕祭り (オリジナル・カラオケ) [Limited Edition]

七夕祭り PV
七夕祭り Making Of Video