Nakayama Yuma

Okay after some bitching and complaining, Johnny’s is going to debut a new group!!! What’s really weird is I was just talking about this with somebody and I was wishing that B.I. Shadow would debut…well guess who’s debuting???!!!

It’s going to be Nakayama Yuma with B.I. Shadow…okay…that’s not fair. Why does he get to have all the spotlight. It was like this with the other group he was with…but I can’t remember the name…apparently Kouchi Yuugo (who won School Kakumei) will be replacing Takahata Misaki…that’s not cool.

Their debut single will be entitled Akuma na Koi “Demon’s Love” and will be used as the theme song for Yuma’s new drama.

I wish them all the luck…I still feel really bad for Misaki…