Okay it’s no surprise that I LOVE LOVE LOVE B.I. Shadow!!!! They’re probably tied for my favorite Junior group alongside Kis-My-Ft2. So it’s time to celebrate these wonderful guys!!!

Okay, I liked this performance even though it may not have been the most in sync or whatever. I feel there were some parts where they all three weren’t together in the sync (only a few parts here and there) and there were a few parts that looked a little awkward on stage but I actually think it’s kind of charming. They’re Juniors so you can’t expect them to be totally perfect. Nobody’s perfect after all.

Okay. I officially propose to Nakajima Kento. He should totally marry me because he’s fantastic. He’s hot, a good dancer and good singer. OMG, marry me Kento!! Okay, I will always see Fuma as the cutie pie and he’s perfect at doing it. Misaki looks great too and he’s definitely doing his thing.

So I’m guessing that was Kento doing that opening rap sequence? Hot. Just…yeah…

So this is a KAT-TUN song? If I hadn’t seen the little bubble on the screen, I would have never believed it. Anyway, I liked this performance. All three guys did a good job and they looked like they were enjoying themselves. A little too much wind (like when Kento’s name came up) but the atmosphere of the performance was great. Misaki looked hot…enough said.

Okay…WTF? I like my 3 person B.I. Shadow. NO changes…no…well I guess it’s too late for what I want since they’ve already added another member: Matsumura Hokuto. Okay…I…So he’s 13???? Damn…He was kinda nervous and it actually was really cute. Hmm…he might grow on me so we’ll have to see what happens but I’m still kinda bitter about B.I. Shadow being the 3 member group I came to love…We’ll see…