So the last post featured the guys of KAT-TUN so we’re moving onto Arashi! Now I don’t need to tell you all just how popular Arashi is right now…just look at their sales. So let’s cut to the chase and move to the pictures.

aiba-misaki-arashiI absolutely love this picture of Aiba Misaki so it has to be big. If I was handing out awards for cutest smiles then I would definitely be giving one to Aiba. His eyes are kidna quinted and his smile just looks so sweet and natural that you wish that he was smiling at you in person. And don’t you just wanna pinch his cheeks and go “awww.” I don’t if he would like that but I would still want to do it. The hair is looking great here…kinda like a cross between Massu and Shige. Like Massu’s color and Shige’s style (of course not talking about the present). And I’m also really liking the suit…I don’t know what it is but Johnny’s boys in suits is basically always a good idea (need more proof: see some of NEWS’ PVs). Honestly, I don’t even know what else to say about this picture because there are no words to describe just how amazing this picture is.

Unfortunately, Aiba has never been one of the members of Arashi to really catch my eye or stand out to me (except for times when I mistake him for Massu) but I think this picture is going to start changing that.

I’m guessing this is a shop photo but Johnny’s needs to like…make posters or something and use this picture. Or better yet make a photobook and I will totally buy!

matsumoto-jun-arashiOur second guy of Arashi is Matsumoto Jun. I know a lot of people who love Jun from various things from his acting to his singing to his looks but I’ms sorry to say that he is my least favorite member. I haven’t seen any of his dramas and I don’t think I’m familiar enough yet with the whole group’s musical career to distinguish and critique their individual voices but as for looks…I’m not seeing it. He looks kinda feminine to me…particularly his facial features and his hair (the hair is definitely not attractive).

However, this picture is fantastic. I’m assuming it’s a screencap from one of the many dramas he is in so they definitely caught him at the right moment. I think the grabbing point of this picture is the eyes because they portray so much emotion in them. I haven’t seen this drama but I can read the emotions of the scene perfectly. Usually, his hair is iffy but here, I’m loving it. It kinda looks like there is a few streaks on the tips of his hair and that always spices things up. So yeah…Japanese school uniforms are sooo hot so yeah…

This is a great picture of Matsumoto Jun and maybe I should check out one of his dramas so I get into the Jun craze…because the looks certainly won’t do it for me (no offense to his fans of course).

Member number 3 is Ninoyima Kazunari!!! Now Nino is kinda like the forgotten guy of Arashi for me…not forgotten in nino-arashithe sense that he’s not there anymore but he’s always like the last one to come to my mind.

As I’ve said before, Johnny’s boys wearing suits is just a recipe for win. I don’t think Nino is one of the more attractive guys in the agency but this is a good picture and makes him look very handsome, don’t you think? I have no idea what he is chewing on…I wanna say it’s part of the shirt because that would just make sense to me but I don’t think it is because the angle looks really weird. Either way, his mouth looks funny and it draws your eyes.

Well his shoulders look very broad and some people like that so…I really like the tie for some reason. It really is striking against the white shirt. His hair looks great and the color is what is particularly capturing. But yeah, the expression on his face is what puts this picture over the top. It kinda looks like he got caught done something and he is off-guard, which is great for the imagination. It’s really in the eyes, they’re intense right?!

So that was Nino’s picture and I have to pay more attention to him!! But this picture is a good start and I hope it continues on in my listening of this group.

ohno-satoshi-arashiOur fourth picture is of leader, Ohno Satoshi!!! Ohno was actually the first person of the group that I recognized becaues of his facial features. I’m not exactly sure how to describe them but there’s a sort of element of sadness in them if that makes any sense. It’s not like he continuously looks sad but I feel that there’s something there and if he wanted to look sad (like for a drama or something) then it would be very easy.

Anyways, let’s move onto the picture itself. I’m not sure where he is but it looks very nice and so does Ohno. He looks confused and that’s kind of cute in itself. I really like the all white clothes he’s wearing since it gives him a very peaceful and angelic feel. I’ve always though Ohno had a sweet and peaceful personality and this might be a reason. Honestly, I’m not much of a fan of that hairstyle or color. It just looks strange to me…I think somebody else could have pulled it off…maybe if it was styled slightly differently.

Well there you have Ohno Satoshi folks, leader of Arashi who rocks!

And now it’s time to close this post with one of my favorite members, Sakurai Sho!! It’s sad that this is coming to an sakurai-sho-arashiend but there will be much more in the future. Okay, I admit that there are a lot better pictures of him but this one is big and isn’t a big of Sho just worth sharing?

Sho has a great hair and it’s highlighted here for all to see! The clothes are fantastic, particularly the vest because the pattern looks so…innovative isn’t the word I’m looking for but we’ll just use it for right now.

Something about the face is just off for me. He’s not really portraying anything behind those eyes…it’s kind of just like someone took the picture and he didn’t really know what to do so instead of just acting natural, he didn’t do anything. That’s okay though because it’s still a good picture in my book.

I hope you all have enjoyed this post filled with Arashi and look forward to seeing more of them featured on this blog!!!

And as for the title allusion to a song, this one is extremely easy if you know Arashi song titles. I couldn’t think of another one though so I will think of better ones in the future!