So let’s kick things off with one of Johnny’s front-runner groups: KAT-TUN. Now I’ve pretty much gotten into Johnny’s Entertainment with one group at a time, really getting to know and love the members. So I haven’t really paid that much attention to KAT-TUN since they weren’t continuously blowing me away but hey, they have their moments…oh yeah and they’re really hot…

kat-tun-jin1Akanishi Jin…well I consider him to be “the sexy one” and I think a lot of people will agree with me on that one. Seriously, he oozes sex appeal and from looking at the picture to the left, he does not mind showing it off. Before I say anything else, I have to give a HUGE thanks to Raid at Raid My Mini Bar for alerting me to this picture. You’ll never know how grateful I am for that. So this is from Popeye magazine (what a strange name). I actually saw an issue at Japan Town but didn’t bother to look inside…well big mistake there! So needless to say, I will be checking this magazine out from now.

Okay, moving onto the picture itself. Now in the top picture, I like that shifty look in his eyes. It’s like he’s wondering if he should really be doing what he is about to be doing. Now you can see his fingers slowly trickling down there and he’s just lifting up the underwear. And the second picture just has him going for it. He’s got the cool face working perfectly and his hand is covering his area. Now I know that the boys of Johnny’s Entertainment have had some shirtless shoots and some sexy shoots but I don’t remember this kind of provocative stuff (well excluding Anan)…Needless to say, I like…I like A LOT! So yeah, if you didn’t think that Jin was sexy then you were dead wrong and these pictures are all the proof that you will need.

kat-tun-kameNow it’s Kame’s turn. Now if you don’t consider Jin to be the sexy one then your vote would probably go to Kame. I think I will dub him “the hot one.” This is one heck of a picture and basically it’s a poster that I need to have hanging somewhere in my room so I could have good dreams (if you know what I mean). Seriously though, his body looks fantastic in this! I could stare at that chest like all day…and I’m loving the those lines leading downwards (I forget what they are called but they’re like at the start of your legs. You guys know what I mean right?). I also really love the sunglasses and think they add something extra to the picture. I think all the darkness around him (like the dark clothes and just the dark background) really brings out his skin so that your eyes are automatically drawn there. His head is titlted so you can’t fully see his hair but I’m pretty sure it looks good (I wouldn’t doubt it anyway). That look he’s giving is just absolutely badass and it’s so alluring. Like he’s hypnotizing you with his eyes and all you want to do is let him. Cause let’s face it…not many people are gonna say no to that…I know I wouldn’t. And let’s not forget the lips because they really stand out in this picture. Ya know, I wonder how softs his lips are. We should send Johnny’s fanmail and ask him!! Anyway, thank you for Kame for just being so hot. Tons of fangirls and fanboys appreciate it very very…VERY much. I know I do and I will definitely pay more attention so I don’t miss anything important.

Sometimes you just wanna sleep, right? Now maybe you wear pajamas or maybe you don’t. Well in Nakamaru’s case…I kat-tun-nakamaruthink this works just fine. Let the shirtlessness continue because it’s always enjoyable. Now I can’t fully read the look on his face…it kind of looks like he’s in the middle of an intense dream and should not be awakened. But another part of it looks like he’s dreaming peacefully and is off in his own little world. Either way, it’s not nice to wake up such a peaceful face / in an intense dream face so let’s move lower shall we? Now it’s not like his chest is the hottest thing ever but it’s still pretty nice if I do say so myself. I wouldn’t mind falling asleep on top of him. And I love how he’s all sprawled out so that his body looks very inviting – it’s an invitation that you’re not going to want to deny. I also like the darkness of his shirt and thinks it makes his skin pop very nicely. And that is a necklace with a cross??????! I can’t explain why I love them so much but I do – thus I very much appreciate his wearing one. Well I couldn’t go too far without saying something about that hand over his belt. I doubt the pictures went any farther than this but this one kind of makes you dream and imagine more, which is always good. It definitely looks like he’s making the move to take off the belt and it’s shame that he didn’t…just because. But I guess some of the best pictures are the ones that leave it up to your imagination right? I also should mention that I like the smaller picture on the right just because. Nakamaru definitely gives the heat in this picture and now, don’t you wanna snuggle up to him and take a nap?

 kat-tun-junnosukeTaguchi Junnosuke…well it’s hard to explain how I feel about him. As far as I’m concerned, he’s like the cute one but he’s also the most “normal looking.” I don’t mean “normal” in a way that all the other guys aren’t normal looking but I feel like in terms of looks, he’s the most likely kind of guy that you’re likely to find. Does anyone else know what I’m talking about. I feel like not many people are giving a look like Koki and Ueda but Taguchi is kinda like somebody that you might meet at school or something? Maybe it’s just me and I’m not good at explaining things but in any case, it’s a good thing. That doesn’t mean he can’t look hot though and if you need any proof then just look at the picture to the left. Wow…those eyes…now those are some gorgeous eyes. It kind of looks likes the earth is reflected in them, don’t you think? I wish I could’ve found a better picture…meaning one that showed off his body better but I couldn’t. Actually some of these pictures were kinda hard to find and I didn’t expect them to be. Anyway…his body looks good here and his skin looks very smooth. Contrasting to the other pictures that used a darker look, this picture has a light and white one, which is eye-catching. Perhaps this is just me but Taguchi looks like Jin here…I think it’s the hair which is throwing me off. I didn’t even think it was him when I first found the picture on the internet. So that has been the amazing Taguchi and his hotness. It’s more of a natural hotness but hotness nonetheless so maybe he’s the type of guy who hits your spot.

Let’s go with Koki now shall we? Gotta give credit where credit is due so a HUGE thanks to KAT-TUN 2 Me for providing kat-tun-kokitihs great picture. So this is from a concert obviously and I don’t know what he was doing because I didn’t watch it but it must have been something silly. Just look at that smile on his face, you gotta love it. But his body looks good here from what you can see and trust me, if you see peformances of him with his shirt off then you know what i mean. I actually like the tattoos on him and I probably wouldn’t like them on many other people. In case you didn’t catch it, his solo song “Make U Wet” is what the title is based off so thank you Koki for making us all wet.

kat-tun-uedaOkay, we’re at the last member and unfortunately it’s not a shirtless shot. Once again, credits to KAT-TUN 2 Me for providing that cute picture. Now personally, I think of Ueda as more of the cute guy rather than a hot guy but you know, mayeb cute is your style. I guess it’s nice to have looks that aren’t so striking and kinda sneak under your skin. Or maybe you can think of him as being ero-kawaii rather than ero-kakkoi (which is so Jin or Kame). Obviously his lips stand out and he’s always smiling in this really cute way so they shine even more. They’re kind of distracting in sexier poses but in cute poses, they give him a little bit extra so that probably influences my feelings on him being the cute one. And the peace sign is kawaii as well. So yeah, Ueda is the cute one but it doesn’t mean he can’t make you wet.

I hope you enjoyed this first post and look forward to many more of Johnny’s groups’ pictures here and me talking about them. All the titles will be based off of song titles by the group so see if you can guess where they come from! It’ll be like a little game hehe.