Tackey New CD

Sorry this blog hasn’t been active as I was hoping but Johnny is being all boring and what not. Anyway, credits go to moviebuffwwc at JPM for the info about Tackey’s new single!!!

2009.9.23 OUT

First Pressing “Music Clip” Edition
¥1,680 (tax in)

First Pressing “Drama Clip” Edition
¥1,680 (tax in)

Regular Edition
CD Only
¥1,050 (tax in)

Tackey Shop Limited Edition
CD Only
¥1,050 (tax in)

01 ヒカリひとつ
02 悪い男
[the following is only available on Regular Edition]
03 愛の戦士 TAKIレンジャー
04 ヒカリひとつ (カラオケ)
05 悪い男 (カラオケ)
06 愛の戦士 TAKIレンジャー (カラオケ)
[the following is only available on Tackey Shop Limited Edition]
03 ボクがいる

DVD Tracklist:
[for First Pressing “Music Clip” DVD Edition]
ヒカリひとつ -Music Clip-
ヒカリひとつ Off Shot
[for First Pressing “Drama Clip” DVD Edition]
ヒカリひとつ -Drama Edition-
ヒカリひとつ -Anime Edition-

Hurray for Tackey but…Hey! Say! JUMP will be releasing a single soon right? NEWS? KAT-TUN?


The covers and tracklists for V6’s new single, GUILTY, are up!


   1. GUILTY
   2. 逢いたくて
   3. Medecine
   4. 蜃気楼
   5. GUILTY(Instrumental)
   6. 逢いたくて(Instrumental)
   7. Medecine(Instrumental)
   8. 蜃気楼(Instrumental)



GUILTY Limited A-CD-
   1. GUILTY
   2. 逢いたくて

   1. GUILTY【Music Video Long Edit Ver.】
   2. スピリット【Live Version:from “20th Century LIVE TOUR 2009 HONEY HONEY HONEY”】


GUILTY Limited B-CD-
   1. GUILTY
   2. 逢いたくて

   1. スタートライン/20th Century【from “20th Century Special Unplugged Live”】
   2. Hello-Goodbye/Coming Century【from “Coming Century TOUR WARM UP GIG!”】


Well everyone get excited because it’s Sakamoto’s birthday!! How exciting for him! V6 has a new single entitled GUILTY out and it’s coming at the beginning of September! Hurray!!! LOL, short post.

Domoto Koichi

Information for Domoto Koichi’s new single is up! Credits to moviebuffwwc at JPM!

妖 ~あやかし~
2009.07.29 OUT

First Pressing
¥1,600(tax in)

Regular Edition (First Press)
CD+Koichi’s Photo of Attractive Nature
¥1,000 (tax in)

Regular Edition (non-First Press)
CD Only
¥1,000 (tax in)

01 妖 ~あやかし~
作詞: 白井裕紀, 新 美香
作曲: 堂本光一
コーラスアレンジ: 竹内浩明, 亜美
02 Awaken Yourself
作詞: 白井裕紀, 新 美香
作曲: 堂本光一
編曲: 加藤裕介
コーラスアレンジ: 竹内浩明
03 Falling -2009- [Available only on Regular Edition (First Press) and Regular Edition]
作詞: 相田 毅
作曲: 堂本光一
編曲: 岩田雅之
04 妖 ~あやかし~ (Instrumental with Koichi’s Chorus) [Available only on Regular Edition (First Press)]
04 Peaceful World -2009- [Available only on Regular Edition (non-First Press)]
作詞/作曲: 堂本光一
編曲: 佐藤泰将
コーラスアレンジ: 高橋哲也

DVD Tracklist:
「妖 ~あやかし~」Music Clip & Making

Holy crap I forgot about how sexy Koichi is!


So it’s been a little quiet around here but here’s some news for all you SMAP fans!! Kimura Takuya will be starring in Space Battleship Yamato!! Credits to Never Ending Music Power (seca) for providing the news!! That’s exciting for him!

Speaking of SMAP, their newest single will be entitled Sono Kyuuto / Superstar [insert star here]. Finally a release for these guys!!

Credits to HSJReality for uploading this awesome video!! I’m sorry to post this late but Shintaro’s birthday still awesome and I love him lots!!

I just wanted to leave this post as a late celebratory post to Hashimoto Ryosuke, one of my fav Johnny’s Juniors and one of the hottest IMO! This is a great compilation of Hasshi so credits go to uploader TamaraHashiiLove!!!!

Kitayama 3

So credits to seca at Never Ending Music Power for the heads-up!!! Apparently a CD of Playzone 2009 will be released on August 26th so be sure to support some of yuor favorite Juniors that haven’t had a CD release until now (as in Kis-My-Ft2). Here is the tracklist!

01 予感

02 Tell Me Why

03 ケータイ天国

04 若者よ何処へ行く

05 僕に出来ること

06 大人になったら

07 幕を開けろ!

08 僕を夢とともに

09 オ・シャ・レ

10 声を合わせたら

11 すべての夜が

12 希望の海へ(inst)

13 ベール・キュント(inst)

14 3ピース

15 Hair

Great news…although what about Hey! Say! JUMP?…

So instead I’ll let the video do the talking. Here is the kawaii new PV for their new single Tanabata Matsuri!


July 11th means it’s Shige’s birthday!!! Happy 22nd birthday Shige!!! You’ve come a long way since NEWS debuted! You’re getting your own duets with Koyama now on albums like the mad sexy Alibi!!! You’re completely amazing and I’m very proud at just how far yuo have come! Don’t stop being amazing!!!

And doesn’t he look really sexy in this picture?